Range hood - Chimney

22E5HK Chimney single-layer T-shaped range hood

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Product dimensions (length*width*depth)   net weight

package dimensions   (length*width*depth)   gross weight

volume of exhaust air    (m³/min)

Product features

896*50*365 mm
15 kg
1050*525*575 mm
19 kg

17.9 m³/min = 1074 m³/hr = 670 ft³/min (110V / 60Hz)


16.7 m³/min = 1002 m³/hr = 625 ft³/min (220V / 50Hz)


*Exhaust air volume data is tested according to CNS-3805 national standard.

1、The product meets the latest national standard set forth by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, Ministry of Economic Affairs.


2、Dual-use design, which allows the product to be used as a European range hood or a built-in range hood.


3、Three-speed, bipolar strong suction motor, which increases exhaust air volume and remove smoke faster, thus eliminating grease and smoke at turbo speed.


4、Multi-wing, double-blade fan with double inlet that can expands the scope of smoke suction.


5、White LED down lighting with high brightness and low power consumption.


6、Three-piece filter design, which can be removed for cleaning, thus extending the service life of the range hood.


7、Disposable oil collection cup, which does not harm your soft hands and promotes easy handling.


8、Parts from Taiwan, manufactured in Taiwan and made entirely in Taiwan.