Range hood - Commercial

500A Commercial relay ventilator

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Product dimensions (length*width*depth)   net weight

package dimensions   (length*width*depth)   gross weight

volume of exhaust air     (m³/min)

Product features

300*270*250 mm
7 kg
450*380*370 mm
9 kg

13.6 m³/min = 815 m³/hr = 510 ft³/min (110V/60Hz)


*Exhaust air volume data is tested according to CNS-3805 national standard.


1、Commercial relay ventilator, which can be used alone or in conjunction with the range hood


2、Bipolar strong suction motor, which removes smoke rapidly and enhances auxiliary smoke removal effect.


3、Small-sized, easy to install, and can be installed either longitudinally or laterally.


4、After turning off the power supply to the range hood, the relay ventilator, when used synchronously, delays operation by 30 seconds before shutdown.


5、Energy-saving smart socket, which facilitates easy installation and after-sales maintenance.


6、The relay ventilator has an 8-inch air inlet, and can be connected to a 7.5-inch or 5.5-inch aluminum duct using an aluminum duct adapter.


7、Energy-saving smart socket with a start switch, which can be used alone and is suitable for small vendors, removing hot air from factories and exhaust gas from sealed spaces.


8、Parts from Taiwan, manufactured in Taiwan and made entirely in Taiwan.