The foundation of Goshock Co., Ltd. was laid in 1997 and since then has always upheld the following: an earnest business philosophy with strong integrity, team consensus on creating excellence, innovation and change-oriented R&D spirit, and strict control of product quality.

Looking back at Goshock’s transformation from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to an original design manufacturer (ODM), Goshock has established trust and received support from clients in the area of professional range hood design and manufacturing. A well-known local brand has even entrusted Goshock Co., Ltd. to design and develop its products. Goshock’s domestic sales have been flourishing, thanks to our clients’ support and care. Goshock has also expanded its overseas market to countries including the United States of America, Canada, Macau, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. Furthermore, Goshock Co., Ltd. has earned good reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality kitchen appliances in the market.

Looking forward to the future, Goshock Co., Ltd. plans to develop products which can satisfy the consumer demand, continuously engage in R&D, make new design, innovate, and become more successful in applying for domestic and foreign patents and acquiring more national certifications and accreditations. Range hoods are not only one of the important appliances in the kitchen, but also the first line of defense for safeguarding our people through healthy cooking. Goshock’s R&D team ensures that range hoods are no longer simply about removing grease and smoke. We seek new and innovative concepts to design both trendy and exquisite kitchen appliances and products, turning range hoods into an outstanding feature in home interior design.

Range hood manufacturing is a conscious service business. Product quality determines brand value and sales, and affects the health and safety of consumers. Hence, Goshock Co., Ltd. implements strict control and monitoring to provide the safest and most comfortable cooking environment for the benefit of the consumers, with a view to create a win-win situation for both manufacturing and channel sales.